Zenloc LLC in partnership with TAV Networks Inc, is pleased to introduce TROVESAFE. A new hi-tech alarm, designed to protect cargo and drivers, whilst giving companies total control and security of their customers goods.

For non metallic doors, simply place self adhesive backed plate just above open/lock handle. Then lock doors and place alarm directly on plate. Alarm will have to be removed if doors are to be opened!

​​​​​Zenloc is proud to announce that FedEx Freight are now using Zenloc's Portable Alarm for the protection of their drivers and cargo!

An unexpected use for Zenloc! What a great way to protect your property during your overnight motel stay!

Zenloc Trucking Security


 Order your ULTIMATE driver and cargo protection $ 749.00

Charging is very simple: Connect unit and handset to charger and plug into either the car charging socket, or a wall adapter. A full charge takes about 2 hours. When fully charged, alarm and handset will remain functional for 5 days!.

     ​​​​ Tel:  816.848.4435    


The alarm is so simple to use, attach, (Use secure cord if needed) and walk away. Alarm self arms and immediately talks to its handset. Once armed it will stay active for 5 days if needed. Driver can sleep secure knowing that if his cargo is tampered with, he will be alerted. He can protect himself and NOT get out of cab to investigate. NO Installation and NO ongoing costs!